Return Policy

All products are sold with their respective manufacturer's warranties. Please note that warranty periods and services vary by manufacturer and product. Items must be unopened to be eligible for returns. All the cables that are special ordered; and all the non stock items cannot be returned. All exchanges and returns require a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number assigned by Exchanges and credits cannot be processed without one. If the item is returned for exchange or does not meet the requirements the shipping charges will not be credited (refunded).

Return Merchandise Authorizations

If you need to return a faulty product, email us at [email protected] or call to request a RMA form. Qualified returns will be assigned a RMA number. Upon receipt of the faulty product, will replace your product with product of the same kind. When returning products, we strongly recommend the use of a carrier that can insure and track your RMA package. We accept responsibility for the returned item once it is received but if it is lost or damaged during shipping, we will not refund you for this loss.


We will ship overnight but UPS or FedEx overnight charges will apply.


Because working conditions, safety issues, tools, equipment and skills of the individual can vary greatly, assumes no responsibility for any damages, injuries or losses that occur as a result of using the information provided by instructional services. Do not use as a substitute before carefully reviewing and understanding the instructions or manuals that accompany products, tools and equipment that are used in a project. Make sure to check with the local building department to ensure compliance with codes and regulations related to your project. Most cities and states do not have a structured wiring code but do have development standards. You should always consult your builder or general contractor with any questions about your specific project's needs or safety concerns. Always know your own limitations and factor in your own good judgment and common sense.

Privacy Policy

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Copyright Policy

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